Red Flags That Point To Roofing Damage

It is not unusual for someone to walk out in their yard and look up at the roof on their home. While they may be looking for damaged shingles, they may also be looking for other signs that point to roofing damage. However, if you were unfamiliar with this very important system, you probably would not know what to look for, even if you decided to inspect it. Below, you will discover several red flags that point to a damaged roofing system.

Brittle Or Cracked Shingles

Shingles are the outer layer of a roofing system and can be seen from ground level. It is extremely easy to point out damaged shingles, because they will be cracked, brittle or torn. After a storm passes the area, you should immediately run outside and inspect the shingles to see if they were damaged due to heavy winds or falling debris. However, it does not require a severe thunderstorm to damage your roofing system, because it only requires long-term exposure to sun, moisture and other elements.

Many people can repair a few damaged shingles, but others will not now where to start. When you discover that any part of the roofing system is damaged, you will need to contact Yonkers roofing, which is available 7 days a week. Do not delay, because the longer you way, the higher the risk of the problem escalating further.

Damaged Eaves 

Rainwater, condensation and mold can damage the eave or the area below the overhang. If the overhang is not capable of keeping these elements from coming into contact with the eave, it will begin to decay after a specific time. The eave is extremely important, because it helps to protect the interior of the home from being exposed to the elements. If the eave becomes damaged, it will be a good sign that the rake, decking, underlayment and shingles are also damaged in that area. It is crucial to keep the roofing system maintained to perfection, because the slightest damage will weaken the system and put your home at risk of leaks.

Water Stains On Ceilings 

Small leaks may go undetected for several weeks or even years. However, after awhile there will be signs that point to a damaged roofing system. Water stains on ceilings that run down nearby walls is a sure sign of a damaged roof. The leak may only be minor, but it could still entail damaged shingles, decking, underlayment and ceiling tiles. When you discover a yellow water stain on your ceiling, you should immediately contact Yonkers roofing, because delaying repairs will only cause the problem to escalate further.

The yellow stains means that the area was damaged with rainwater and moisture, but dried up after the rain stopped. A little bit of paint will not correct the problem, because it goes much further than just a stained ceiling tile.


There are so many components that make up the roofing system. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is highly recommended to start doing your homework. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your home from water and storm damage.

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