Vinyl Siding Installation: What Every Westchester Homeowner Needs To Know

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular home designs in the United States. Along with brick, wood, stucco, and cement, vinyl has a broad range of benefits. These benefits include durability, longevity, little to no maintenance, and affordability. If you are contemplating updating the exterior of your home or business, vinyl siding may be the solution. Below, you will discover more information about vinyl siding installation.

What Is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is comprised of various materials, including polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC. This type of siding can be found on homes, commercial buildings, garages, apartment complexes, and other building structures. Vinyl siding is designed to provide water-, moisture-, wind-, and UV-resistant barriers, resulting in more durability and longevity.

How Is Vinyl Siding Installed?

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl siding is it can be installed over a broad range of materials. It can be utilized to cover up outdated brick, wood, and stucco. Installing vinyl siding is not a complex process. Most vinyl siding installers begin with a clean, flat surface that is made of OSB board or plywood. Others will opt for a foam plastic insulation surface to add additional protection against the cold and heat.

Vinyl siding can easily be manipulated to fit around windows, doors, and corners. A box cutter is utilized to cut the vinyl siding to the correct size. It is crucial to leave a ¼-inch gap at the end of each piece, this will leave enough flexibility to slide the pieces around, so gaps can easily be hidden. Once the vinyl siding is locked into place, it is then secured to the surface with nails and shanks. The hidden gap between the vinyl siding pieces will provide adequate room for expansion.

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One of the best alternatives to vinyl siding is cultured stone siding. This type of siding is very similar to natural stone but much more affordable and easier to install. Cultured stone siding is lightweight, affordable, and extremely easy to install. Once it is installed, it will add eye appeal and increase the overall value of your home.


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Other alternatives include vinyl stacked stone siding and vinyl cedar shake siding. Both of these options are installed in a similar manner as traditional vinyl siding. The main difference in the sidings in the finish. You can choose from a broad range of colors and styles.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Maintaining vinyl siding only is one of the easiest things you will ever need to do for your home. However, you will need to invest in a high-quality pressure washer. With the pressure washer, you will be able to remove oil, dirt, sap, and other debris from the surface of vinyl siding. Most pressure washers have a reservoir for detergent. Utilizing the detergent will help breakdown dirt and debris quicker, so it can be washed away with ease.

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