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Why You Should Consider Visiting Yonkers New York

Are you thinking about planning a life-changing trip in the near future? Well, New York is without a doubt one of the premier family destinations. However, when you consider the state as a whole there are tons of different destinations that you could choose from. One of the most overlooked has to be Yonkers. It is overlooked so often, because it is located close to New York City. People often assume, because of its close proximity to New York City that there is less to do here. However, this could not be a bigger misconception. There are tons of things to do in the Yonkers area, which you will learn about below. A&E Westchester Roofers

Check Out The Hudson Amphitheater

One of the most special places in Yonkers has to be the Hudson Amphitheater. This is a large outdoor concert space where you can take in many famous and local acts, but this is only part of what makes it so special. While it is a huge concert space it is also blessed with iconic views over the Hudson River. Regardless, of what type of shows or music you prefer there is a good chance that you will find something here to suit your needs.

The Science Barge

Located right on the same Hudson River is the Science Barge. If you are traveling with your children, or you just particularly enjoy science, you have to check out the Science Barge.  This is basically just a huge barge that floats on the Hudson River with lots of different informative and scientific exhibits. During your visit here, you can learn all about the environment, solar power, and how the amazing facility produces zero carbon emissions.

World Class Exhibits At The Hudson River Museum

You will not find more world-class exhibits stuffed under one roof than you will at the Hudson River Museum. Some of these amazing exhibits will tell about the exciting history of Yonkers. Along with this, the site has its own outdoor amphitheater where different shows are often hosted. There is also a planetarium that the kids will really enjoy all year around.

Ridge Hill Shopping Center

If you are truly looking for lots of different entertainment packed in one amazing place, you have to check out the Ridge Hill Shopping Center. You will find tons of different stores packed with local favorites, as well as a variety of different dining options that will have your taste buds salivating.


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