The Importance Of Hiring Reputable Roofing Contractors

Hiring a roofing contractor is no different than hiring a professional plumber. Both of these experts are skilled in their line of work and they can efficiently make the necessary repairs or replacements to return your roofing or plumbing system back to its original state. If your home is in need of a roof system, you will need to consider hiring one of the reputable roofing contractors that provides services in Westchester County NY. Below, you will discover more information about hiring a reputable roofing contractor in your vicinity.


A reputable roofing contractor will offer every customer the same pricing options. However, this is not the case with a scammer, pretending to be a licensed roofing contractor. Never hire the first contractor you come across, just because they offer what seem to be reasonable prices. Instead do your research on several companies and then compare the price quotes you receive from them. Overcharging is extremely common among scammers that are trying to take advantage of people that are at a low point in their life. A damaged roof can be extremely expensive to repair, especially if you have to hire a roofing company to do the work for you.

Refuses To Provide References 

If you hire one of the top roofing contractors in Westchester NY, they will gladly provide you with professional references. If you ask a scammer that is pretending to be a roofing contractor for professional references, they will not comply with your request. Instead they will become anxious and begin to make excuses for their inability to provide you with the references. This is a sure sign that the contractor is a scammer that is trying to take advantage of your situation.

Unable To Provide Proof Of Insurance Coverage

In New York, roofing contractors are required to carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. If you are considering hiring one of these companies, it will be up to you to make sure they are insured. You can do this by requesting a copy of their insurance coverage, which should be available without an issue. If the contractor cannot fulfill your request, you need to move on to the next prospect. Only consider contractors that are fully insured, because if your home becomes damaged at the fault of the contractors, you will be forced to pay the repair costs, if the company is uninsured.

Unfamiliar With The Roofing System 

A long-term roofing contractor will be familiar with every aspect of a roofing system. Whether the roof is attached to a warehouse, house or other building structure, the contractor will be able to recall each component that makes up the system. You should always test the roofing contractor’s knowledge, by asking them about a specific component, such as the trusses or decking. If the contractor is unable to tell you about the component, it is highly likely that they are not a genuine roofing contractor, but a scammer.

Always be wary of people that just show up on your doorstep trying to sell you a new roofing system. A licensed contractor will provide services out of their office and never solicit through door-to-door sales.

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